Classic buildings are available in sizes up to 40’ wide.
For sizes larger than 40’ wide, please see our Truss Buildings page.
The length can be as long as you need.
The sidewall height starts at 5 foot and goes to 14 feet tall  


Single Story Deluxe Garage 
25' X 25' X 08' 
Horizonal Roof Metal with Round Corners
3/12 Roof Pitch
2 - 9' X 7' Roll up Doors
3/0 X 6/8 Walk in Door 
2 – 3/0 X 3/0 Windows
$7,827.00 plus applicable sales tax

No grading, concrete, electrical or plumbing is included with this quote. 
A vertical roof can be substituted for an additional $297. 
This price is within 50 miles of one of our locations.
Various sizes are available.
Classic 40 X 40 X 09 - Inside View



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